IPL – Hair Reduction

An Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy approach to eliminating unwanted hair provides the ultimate treatment solution. Unlike many other hair removal methods, photoepilation (hair reduction using light) leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth and soft.

How does IPL Hair Reduction work?

Without damaging the surrounding skin, controlled flashes of light penetrate the area of skin being treated and is absorbed into the hair follicles. The heat generated in the process targets, damages, and destroys the hair and its potential for regrowth. Given the flexibility and uniqueness of IPL, large spot areas can be quickly created to treat the back, shoulders, abdomen, and legs. Smaller areas such as the lip, chin, beard and underarms can be treated in minutes.

Who are candidates for treatment?

Men, women, and children may be treated with IPL. Treatment is customized according to hair color, texture, and body location. Hair of any color—black, brown, and red—can be treated. Treatment is effective on all skin types. To find out if you are a candidate, simply schedule a consultation.

What are the benefits?

  • FDA-approved for permanent hair reduction
  • Customized program created along with estimated number of treatment sessions
  • Less pain and discomfort compared to other  treatment methods
  • Large surface areas can be quickly treated
  • Minimized chance of scarring or pigmentation changes

What is treatment like?

First, the area to be treated is cleansed, shaved, and a cool gel is applied to it. Using the IPL hand piece, gentle pulses of light are emitted that penetrate the skin and begin disabling the hair follicles. Each pulse feels similar to the pop of a rubberband. When the procedure is complete, most of the hair wipes off right away. The remaining hair falls out over a period of about a week or two.

Are there any possible side effects?

Side effects are rare. Sensitivity, irritation, soft scabbing, or redness can sometimes occur at the treatment site but resolves quickly or within a matter of days. In certain cases, skin can become slightly lighter or darker. During your consultation, you’ll be informed as to whether or not you would be susceptible to these conditions. To greatly minimize the risk of complication, sun exposure needs to be limited for two to three weeks before and after treatment.

Before and After IPL Hair Reduction

IPL Hair Reduction Back Before & After

IPL Hair Reduction Lip Before & After

IPL Hair Reduction Chin Before & After