PrescriptFit Medical Nutrition Therapy Plan

Why Prescriptfit?

The PrescriptFit program is a totally different approach to feeling healthier and losing weight. It is a type of Medical Nutrition Therapy designed to help people improve control of a variety of chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Fibromyalgia, and more through diet. Amino acids, consumed in the form of tasty shakes, soups, and mousse, are used in combination with a flexible Meal Plan customized to fit your lifestyle.

The good news is we keep it simple. Instead of telling what to eat, we help you learn HOW to eat it.

Oh, and did we mention it’s tasty?



Shakes, Soups, Pudding, Snacks, EducationalThe PrescriptFit® Program:

  1. Starts with PrescriptFit, complete nutritional food. One can have as much as desired and feel assured of nutritional health.
  2. Helps fight disease using branched-chain amino acids. Recent research links these to safely fighting inflammation, cardiac disease, metabolic disorders, and mental health problems (American Journal of Cardiology).
  3. Does not eliminate any food groups. The PrescriptFit food phases focus on low-fat, low-calorie, structured food groups without eliminating or over-emphasizing any single food group.
  4. Lets you pinpoint where and how symptoms improve. Measures of improvement are tracked using “clinically significant measures” - lab tests performed to test your patients’ blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.
  5. Recommends collaboration with the physician. Prior to beginning the PrescriptFit program, a patient is advised to talk with their physician about how to monitor symptom change as they progress through the food phases.

Why it works:

The PrescriptFit® Medical Nutrition Therapy program consists of 13 food phases, beginning with the PrescriptFit® branched chain amino acid supplements. The amino acids increase satiety, decrease insulin levels and increase adiponectin to decrease hunger, especially for sugar. PrescriptFit®, in addition to single amino acids, contains egg white, milk solids, and other flavors. The PrescriptFit® formula consists of a 50/50 ratio of complex carbohydrates and proteins, which meets the American Diabetic Association’s national standards.

A proprietary blend of amino acids [histidine, leucine, isoleucine, tyrosine, valine, methionine, and lysine].

  • Decreases insulin
  • Increases adiponectin
  • Decreases hunger

Calcium of 1500 mg per day in bioavailable form.

  • Increases metabolism (burns more calories)
  • Increases adiponectin (decreases hunger)
  • Improves insulin levels (decreased levels)

Improved muscle metabolism (skeletal & heart muscle).

  • Improved use of sugar (less fatigue)
  • Improved repair & recovery of muscle protein structure (increased stamina)
  • Improved time to recovery (less fatigue)
  • Decreased cell death & cell “stunning” (more energy)

Physically fills the stomach.

  • Displaces other foods by stomach stretch
  • Changes absorption of sugars (lower calories)
  • Improves GLP-1 secretion

How Fat Cells Mediate Disease

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